Smoked Trout Dip


The holidays are literally around the corner and this is a recipe that is super easy and even all of the kids in our family love it. There’s only one person I know who wouldn’t like it because she has a thing against white condiments. Not sure if cream cheese is considered a condiment, but not worth a discussion.

Anyway, I now make this dip every Christmas after popular demand from my nephew who also likes to eat anchovies for breakfast. And come to think of it, I make this dip for almost every party I host. And trust me on this, when you make it, put a bit away for yourself because this dip goes fast.

DSC_1136 DSC_1179DSC_1233



16 oz. cream cheese

2-3 anchovy filets

juice of 1/2 a lemon

6-8 sprigs of fresh thyme

freshly-cracked pepper

1/4 cup capers

1/2 cup chopped green onions

4 filets of smoked trout


  1. Place cream cheese, anchovy filets, fresh squeezed lemon juice, fresh thyme leaves, and freshly-cracked pepper in a food processor. Blend until smooth.
  2. Remove cream cheese mixture into a large mixing bowl and add the capers and green onions.
  3. Then break the filets of smoked trout into bite-sized pieces with your hands and add to cream cheese mixture.
  4. Add a bit more freshly-cracked pepper and mix the ingredients together.
  5. Serve with baguette slices or crackers, or both!

2 thoughts on “Smoked Trout Dip

  1. Luke Bragg

    I’ve had serious drug problems in the past including heroin, opium suppositories, and crack cocaine, but nothing compares to the addictive qualities of Emily’s Trout Dip. The memory of it lingers in my brain and it taunts me. Taunts me!!

    Now that I have the recipe and can make it myself I will probably start a downward spiral where my diet consists of trout dip and whatever crackers i can get my hands on. Thanks, Em!


  2. I can personally attest to the addictiveness of this recipe. Four jars of it disappeared this Thanksgiving. Thank you so much for sharing your exquisite recipes and gorgeous alpine life with all of us!


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