One-Jar Kimchi

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As everyone is gearing up for the big festivities tomorrow, I am making a side dish that can arguably be an essential to the Thanksgiving spread, but that’s debatable and I leave that up to you.

Unfortunately, I don’t eat Korean food as often as I would like to and I definitely don’t make the portion sizes as my mom does when I do. So I wanted to share her recipe for a quick, fresh and easy kimchi that can be eaten right after it’s made, but in a portion size that is not intimidating. And considering I don’t eat Korean food everyday and more importantly, I don’t want kimchi stinking up my fridge for days on end, I’ve adjusted the portion to fit in a good-sized jar that you might have just emptied and placed in your recycling bin, but feel free to double or triple the recipe!

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Swiss Crepes

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Back in college, our good friend Pablo would always make his French mother’s crepes on the first day of snow as this was a tradition in his home. I love this idea and decided to share this recipe on the first day of snow at Hinterberg. I wish I could share pictures of Hinterberg in deep deep snow, but the snowfall only lasted about 10 minutes and if I have to be honest, it was more like sleet. Nevertheless, I consider it snow and now the alps are beautifully topped with fresh white powder.

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I know crepes aren’t Swiss, but this is my husband’s recipe. His version is somewhere in between French crepes and Dutch pancakes. And I must admit, we eat these all year round because we often run out of bread on the weekends and they are just so good. I am starting to prefer these over American pancakes because you can make them savory and/or sweet and I always have to have one of each!

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Roasted Butternut Squash Kale Quinoa Salad with Pumpkin Seed Vinaigrette

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Every few weeks or so, I always try to get myself back on “track”. What do I mean by this? Basically, when I really start to feel my pants digging into my muffin top to a point of painfulness, I vow to start dieting and exercising AGAIN… Ugh…

Exactly a month ago, I decided to start the “fed-up challenge” with a friend of mine and I created this salad on the 1st day of the challenge. For those who are not familiar with this diet, you basically cut out added sugar and non-whole grain carbohydrates from your diet for 10 days. Easy, right? Yeah, I think I lasted 4, maybe 5 days. But at least I came up with this yummy salad and I thought it would be a great addition to our Thanksgiving feast this year.

Oh and I also used pumpkin seed oil for the vinaigrette which is an ingredient that I was only introduced to when I moved to Switzerland. I love using it in salads this time of year and it pairs extremely well with beets. Just use it sparingly as it is robust and nutty in flavor and a little goes a long way, similar to sesame oil.



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Smoked Trout Dip


The holidays are literally around the corner and this is a recipe that is super easy and even all of the kids in our family love it. There’s only one person I know who wouldn’t like it because she has a thing against white condiments. Not sure if cream cheese is considered a condiment, but not worth a discussion.

Anyway, I now make this dip every Christmas after popular demand from my nephew who also likes to eat anchovies for breakfast. And come to think of it, I make this dip for almost every party I host. And trust me on this, when you make it, put a bit away for yourself because this dip goes fast.

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King Oyster Mushroom Beet and Burrata Salad with a Parsley-Lemon Vinaigrette


My husband has a twin sister and she happens to be one of my favorite people. She also happens to have impeccable style in interior design and fashion. And on top of that, she’s a wonderful cook and uses her innate sense of style when creating a meal, plating a dish or setting a table in ways that are unexpected but beautifully subtle.

I created this salad by combining two different salads made by my dear sister-in-law, which also happens to use two of my favorite seasonal ingredients: mushrooms and beets. Oh and there’s always Burrata which is heavenly all-year round.


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Carpaccio of Porcini


Two weeks ago, we went on our annual family weekend trip to the region of Entlebuch, Switzerland. The first objective of this trip is of course to celebrate my mother-in-law’s birthday and the second objective is always to “hunt” for porcinis or Steinpilze as they call them in German. I use the term “hunt” because this is not an easy task and the weather conditions of the past summer and the current autumn have a huge impact on whether or not you will find these forest gems.

Now, I am by no means a mushroom expert, but my husband and his 3 brothers have been hunting mushrooms for years. With that said, I would strongly encourage those who are interested in finding their own to go with someone well knowledgeable in mushrooms. What I can tell you is that these lovely porcinis or Boltes edulis typically grow in forests above 800 meters above sea level and they love to live in damp soil underneath pine trees. And if you spot those fairy tale looking mushrooms that are bright red with white spots, Fly Agaric or Amanita muscaria, keep your eyes open because porcinis grow in the same environment. But remember, those red mushrooms are extremely poisonous!


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