About Hinterberg

Hinterberg is my address. No street name, no number, just Hinterberg. I guess they just kept the same address from 100 years ago when this farmhouse was first built. Makes it simple, right?

Now if you translate Hinterberg from German to English, it literally means “behind the mountain” and this is pretty accurate to our location. Hinterberg is located on the last hill between the Swiss alps and the flat lands of central Switzerland. In other words, I live in a small town located 15 minutes outside of Luzern.

About Me

After living in New York City and Las Vegas for 8 years working in sales and marketing for hospitality groups including the TAO Group, Rosa Mexicano Restaurants and B.R. Guest, I decided to move to Luzern, Switzerland. Was it a drastic change? Of course! And what was the reason why I made this decision? That answer is easy: LOVE.

I am now a mother to a wonderful little boy and live in this beautiful place just in the shadow of the Swiss alps, where my husband and I cook well over 300 days a year. This is a diary of the endless meals that we cook with love and for those we love.

Photo credit: Vik Photography
Photo credit: Vik Photography

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